One With Them

If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.  – 1 Corinthians 12:26 (NIV)

Today, I found out about a ministry voicing support for Christians that face persecution for their beliefs.  The ministry is called One With Them, and is through Open Doors USA.

Can you take just a moment and imagine living in an area of the world where you are persecuted for your belief in Jesus?  In a place where you are not free to worship our Lord, but have to do so in secret? Or perhaps not allowed to worship Him at all?

Is that something that you don’t want to think about?

Thinking about hiding our beliefs isn’t always easy for us to understand.  We’re free to go to church.  We’re free to listen to Christian music.  We’re free to read the Bible just about anywhere we want to.  We are free to speak about our God.  Sure, there are places in America where we can’t always do these things, such as the workplace, but we still have the freedom.  Let us give praise for that!

I don’t know very much about the countries where these persecuted Christians live.  I don’t know what they face daily, what they struggle with.  This isn’t an area I’ve really explored.  What I do know is that it hurts to see people living for Christ, but having to do so secretly.  I can only offer prayer for those affected at this time.  If prayer is all I have, I will put my faith into know that prayer does work.


And This Is Where It Starts…

Here I go…I’m stepping out, starting this new blog, opening some doors.  All because God called me to do this.

Yes, called by God.  I recently attended a Women of Faith conference for the first time.  It was really a life changing experience.  I learned much more than I thought I would, real lessons I could apply to my life.  I gained a new perspective on where my life could go.  I realized that some things needed to change.  God had me there for a very good reason.

Everyone’s walk with Christ is unique.  We all have our own struggles as we go along.  Sometimes we step off that road of life to a broken one of death.  I’ve done it several times, but I want to stop.  I want to stay on the path of life because of all the good and wonderful things I know it holds for me.

Am I sure of where this blog is headed?  Not completely.  I’ve got a number of things that I want to write about, from my experiences and perspectives.  I want to challenge my readers by what they read, make them think about it.  This is only the start of the call I’m answering.