And This Is Where It Starts…

Here I go…I’m stepping out, starting this new blog, opening some doors.  All because God called me to do this.

Yes, called by God.  I recently attended a Women of Faith conference for the first time.  It was really a life changing experience.  I learned much more than I thought I would, real lessons I could apply to my life.  I gained a new perspective on where my life could go.  I realized that some things needed to change.  God had me there for a very good reason.

Everyone’s walk with Christ is unique.  We all have our own struggles as we go along.  Sometimes we step off that road of life to a broken one of death.  I’ve done it several times, but I want to stop.  I want to stay on the path of life because of all the good and wonderful things I know it holds for me.

Am I sure of where this blog is headed?  Not completely.  I’ve got a number of things that I want to write about, from my experiences and perspectives.  I want to challenge my readers by what they read, make them think about it.  This is only the start of the call I’m answering.

5 thoughts on “And This Is Where It Starts…

  1. Liz, you are such an amazing woman! God is going to use you to help so many, especially those who are hurting just like you have, because you can relate to them.

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