About Me

Thanks for visiting!  I decided to start this blog after an amazing weekend at Women of Faith: Imagine.  During the conference God spoke to me about my true calling-to speak about my life, my experiences, and to guide fellow Christians that have the same struggles.  I know this blog is only a start, and I’m awaiting the day I get asked to speak at a gathering or conference.

I have struggled with many things throughout my life.  I walked most of it without Christ as the center.  April 13, 2010 was the day I gave my life to Christ and things began to change.  In my life I have struggled with depression, suicide, self-injury, multiple addictions, relationship issues, and that’s just the start.  I’m working to drop my baggage and to walk through life the way Jesus wants me to.  I’m also continuing to grow in my faith and love for the One who died to save me.

Leave a comment or contact me through Twitter (@liz920) or my Facebook page, Stepping Out In Faith Ministries.  I am looking to start speaking and sharing my story about how God has transformed my life!


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