Book Review Policy

Review Policy

While I love reading/reviewing books, here’s a few things you should know!

I would love to accept books from publicists, agents, and authors.  Opinions about a book are my own. I will only post honest reviews of any book that I may receive. That means there will be positive or negative reviews based on my feelings towards the book I’ve read, and this is not any ill will towards the author or publisher. All reviews will include where the book was obtained and basic publishing information. Some books received may not be reviewed. All reviews will be done in a timely manner upon receiving the book and current life schedule.

Reviews may also appear on,

All summaries/synopses used are taken from jacket flap,, or

If sent a book that is not first in the series, and the earlier books have not received a review, I’d appreciate receiving the books that came before if needed. This helps in knowing the storyline and providing a honest review. Some books may have been read before I began this blog, so please check with me when submitting a request.

Any books received for review will be added to my personal library (if I really, really love them!), donated to a local school/public library, passed on to another reviewer/blogger/friend, or deleted (in the case of ebooks).

I will review:

  • Adult Christian Fiction
  • Adult Christian Non-Fiction
  • Teen/YA Christian Fiction
  • Teen/YA Christian Non-Fiction
  • Children’s Christian Fiction
  • Children’s Christian Non-Fiction

Formats I Accept:
~ Hardback
~ Paperback
~ ePUB
~ ARCs
~ E-books (Nook HD+ or Kindle App compatible)
~ NetGalley

Please use the contact form below for review requests:


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